Corporate Services

Up to 10 people: $75

Each additional person: $5

Group Yoga

We work with companies and social groups to offer affordable group yoga at your location. Erica will come to your office or home, and lead a group session. Perfect for group bonding, team building, and investing in the health of your employees/coworkers. Yoga is a great way for people to connect and socialize while pursuing good health. The benefits of yoga are well documented and group classes are a great way to learn and start your yoga journey!

  • Group classes up to 20 people
  • At your location
  • Low cost per person
  • Great for team building
  • A great introduction to yoga
  • Tremendous benefits for mental & physical health


Flat Rate for first 6 clients: $80

Each additional client: $10 each

Chair Massage

We will come to your office and give 15 minute chair massages to anyone interested. These are fully clothed massages for stress management. The benefits of massage are well documented and even a simple 15 minute massage can have tremendous benefits. Erica will focus on key areas where people hold stress such as the neck, upper back and shoulder-blades (Scapula).

  • Fully-clothed chair massage
  • For relaxation and stress management
  • Neck & shoulder focus
  • 15 minutes per person
  • At your location!

Erica will work with you one-on-one to create a customized plan for your goals.

  • Let's discuss your situation & goals

    Every body is different. We all have different careers, different stress, and no two bodies are the same. Erica works with her clients closely and uses various methods to create customized plans to support your specific needs.

  • Body Reading

    During your first session, Erica will learn a lot simply by working with you. Everyone’s body has slight imbalances and Erica is able to recognize these by mobility differences between your various joints. This feedback is an essential tool to learn what your body needs.

  • Customized Plan

    Through her experience and intuition, Erica creates customized plans specific to your needs. Our goal is to help you heal so that you regain or maintain optimal health!