Benefits of Group Yoga

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Yoga is an ancient practice which was created in the East and combines movement with breathing work to create a meditative state with many physical and mental benefits. This is an extremely old system dating back to Auyervedic medicine and it has become extremely popular in recent times.

There are many types of yoga and some build strength, some endurance, some focus on flexibility while others are much slower and more meditative. For those who are looking to get started trying yoga for the first time, they may enjoy trying an inexpensive group outing.

Group yoga offers many benefits for beginners or advanced yoga practitioners. Doing yoga in groups offers all of the physical health benefits of normal yoga but with the addition of social bonding, building community, affordability, and accountability.

The newest trend in yoga has been companies sponsoring yoga sessions, in office for groups of 5-20 people during lunch or after work. This has had tremendous benefits for these companies because it strengthens teams as well as the loyalty and enjoyment of employees with their work. Group yoga is also a great way for people to have their first introduction with yoga because it is affordable and less intimidating than going to your first class alone or not knowing which yoga to try to begin with.


By Erica Peace