Thai Massage is an ancient system from Thailand which combines elements of massage, yoga, energy healing, and stretching into one system. This philosophy offers many benefits because it cannot fit into any one category. Thai Bodywork combines the most helpful elements from other systems and is open to integrating new discoveries and methods over time. This has an enormous benefit to the client because each session will be unique for the needs of that client.

In recent years Thai Bodywork has been paired with modern physical therapy to create a new system which does not yet have a clear name. This new system may be referred to as “Thai Bodywork”, “Mind-Body Coaching”, “Thai Therapy”, or “Holistic Integrated Thai Therapy.” Each session is unique to the client and the practitioner uses a technique called “body-reading” where your body is giving feedback based on the mobility of each joint. Once the practitioner receives this feedback they can combine compression, massage, stretching and mobility training; to treat each individual joint. Most often, one of our hips or one shoulder is more mobile than the other. These slight imbalances are common because of our lifestyle and even having a dominate hand. Thai Body therapists can find these imbalances through body-reading and help to correct the imbalances.

There is a secondary benefit from Thai Bodywork in that clients will develop a stronger mind to muscle connection. We do not always realize when we are applying tension to a muscle and creating additional tightness but working directly with the practitioner will allow the client to better sense when they are holding tension in muscles.

This new system of Thai Bodywork which combines ancient healing techniques with modern physical therapy has tremendous potential for many clients. Many people struggle with pain management, athletic recovery, stress issues, and general soreness or tightness. Thai Bodywork provides a natural solution for many of these issues and many people experience stunning results from these treatments