Athletic Recovery Services

Let’s make your recovery an active recovery!

  • Custom tailored for each client
  • Reduces muscle ache/soreness
  • Addresses imbalances
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves mobility
  • Helps reduce stress
  • Lengthens muscles

60 Minutes for: $100

90 Minutes for: $130

Thai Bodywork for Athletic Recovery

Created to address stiff/sore muscles, imbalances, & improve athletic performance

The world’s best athletes understand the value of proper recovery. In fact, without a full recovery we cannot build muscle or increase our athletic performance. This is why professional athletes use ice-baths, cryo-therapy, saunas, and get regular physical therapies such as massage.

We have designed our service specifically for athletes to help lengthen muscles, address imbalances, improve circulation, and help speed up recovery time. Our method involves warming up the muscles, compression and light massage on key areas, and mobility training paired with synergistic stretching. This is a safe and active approach to recovery that helps to prevent muscle shortening, improve function, address imbalances, and reduce overall soreness or tightness.

What is your sport?

Erica is ready to work with you on a results-based plan to help you perform at your best!

  • Let's discuss your situation & goals

    Everyone is different. Depending on your age, your sport, and your lifestyle; your needs will be different from other clients. We will work with you to find out your exact needs, goals and how to get there.

  • Body Reading

    During your first session, Erica will learn a lot simply by working with you. Everyone’s body has slight imbalances and Erica is able to recognize these by mobility differences between your various joints. This feedback is an essential tool to learn what is needed to keep your body re-balance.

  • Customized Plan

    Through her experience and intuition, Erica creates customized plans specific to your needs. Our goal is to help you heal naturally so that you can perform at your best and feel your best!