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Erica Peace

Holistic Healing Specialist
Pain Relief Treatment | Thai Bodywork | Lifestyle Coaching | Yoga

Erica’s unique style combines a knowledge and understanding of multiple healing methods to give her clients a truly holistic therapy.

Pain Management

Pain management assessments and customized pain management treatment plans .

Pain Management Services

Erica will work with you to assess your exact situation. A functional Medicine framework is used to find and resolve the root cause of the issue naturally.

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Longevity Massage

Specially designed to help clients maintain mobility, flexibility and healthy muscle function. Let's keep you active!

Thai Bodywork

Thai bodywork therapy combines mobility training with stretching and gentle massage techniques. Perfect for athletes, injuries or to help you to maintain your active lifestyle.

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Corporate Services

Corporate services include chair massage & group presentations on living a holistically healthy lifestyle.

Yoga, Chair Massage, Groups

Call now to schedule a corporate chair massage event or group wellness presentation. Employees benefit professionally & personally.

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Life Coaching

Instead of swimming against the current, learn to become a magnet for the life you truly want.

Life Coaching Services

Erica utilizes a unique method to assist clients in creating a healthier and more positive life. The life you want CAN be yours and it is within your power.

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It’s All About

Staying Healthy

  • Mobility

    Over time we lose flexibility and joint mobility. Keeping joints and muscles flexible is critical to maintaining an active lifestyle.

  • Recovery

    After intense exercise our bodies need time to recover. We can influence the speed of this recovery through strategic bodywork to lengthen muscles.

  • Longevity

    An active lifestyle is critical for feeling good and maintaining a healthy way of life. Thai bodywork is perfect for helping clients to overcome sore joints, stiffness and get them back to feeling their best.

  • Balance

    It is much easier for us to be slightly off balance than balanced. We have a dominant hand, our careers may have us sitting too long, and we may sleep in bad posture. Thai bodywork is about restoring balance to your body. We get your muscles loosened up, stretched, and relieve pressure on key points.

Thai bodywork is about a safe and focused approach to restoring balance

Let’s define your goals and help you reach them!

The human body is meant to be active. Due to our modern lifestyle of inactivity, long periods of sitting and stress; it is easy for us to be off balance. Instead of turning to surgery, pain medication, or accepting poor health; let’s work together and try a natural solution. Keep reading to learn more!

Erica is here to helpIt’s time to take control of your health!

Erica is here to helpAbout Thai Integrated Bodywork

Thai Integrated bodywork is a combination of ancient Thai massage methods paired with our modern knowledge of physical therapy. Thai Integrated Bodywork combines massage, stretching, mobility work, and focused attention on pressure points. This service is designed to help naturally manage pain, stiffness, athletic recovery and more. Erica works closely with clients to discuss their specific needs and formulate the most effective plan to help customers reach their goals.

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Erica is beyond anything I’ve had from a traditional massage therapist. Her personality, attention to detail and caring about her clients is second to none.
Erica doesn’t just use a pre-prepared style. She finds each individual’s needs and works on flexibility and tension release with therapeutic healing hands.
As a former massage therapist, I can honestly say no one has ever taken better care of my body’s health and wellness than Erica. She is an absolute delight.Brandon Rich

Erica is extremely good at Thai bodywork. I didn’t know much about it beforehand and had been dealing with a shoulder problem as well as generally tight muscles from prolonged sitting. After the session I felt like I could run a marathon lol. Highly recommend!Greg Letellier